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• 3 CDs, 100 tracks
• 45 previously unreleased tracks, outtakes, rarities, demos, and more
• The Monkees debut album remastered in mono and stereo
• Solo recordings by Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith
• Full color booklet featuring an essay and liner notes by Monkees historian Andrew Sandoval
• Available November 11, 2014

Rhino Handmade takes you back to where The Monkees story all began with THE MONKEES (SUPER DELUXE EDITION)! Packed with a jumbo-sized 100 tracks (45 previously unreleased!) over 3 CDs, the first disc features the spectacular original album remastered in both mono and stereo, including the debut single, “Last Train to Clarksville,” show favorite “(Theme From) The Monkees,” and the raw romper "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day," with 12 bonus tracks that feature unreleased versions, alternative tracks, and TV & radio spots.

Comprised entirely of previously unreleased tracks on the second disc, ‘Sessions’ features rare and unheard recordings – 31 in total. Some highlights include the master backing tracks for “Let’s Dance On,” “This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day,” and “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day.” The disc also features several alternate versions of songs from the debut album, including an alternate vocal take by Michael Nesmith on “The Kind of Girl I Could Love,” several versions of “I Wanna Be Free,” rehearsal tracks, and much more!

The final disc takes us back to the beginning of Davy Jones’ career, with his solo debut album recorded a year before the Monkees, ‘David Jones.’Davy’s classic pop album is presented in both mono and stereo, featuring “What Are We Going To Do?,” “Baby It’s Me,” “It Ain’t Me Babe,” and more. The box set also features bonus single tracks by both Davy Jones and Michael Blessing (AKA Michael Nesmith)! The disc is wrapped up with four demo tracks of The Monkees, “I Wanna Be Free.”

Strictly limited to 4,000 individually numbered boxes, THE MONKEES (SUPER DELUXE EDITION) is another unique entry in the Monkees reissue series. Ships in November 2014, and is available now for pre-order exclusively at Monkees.com. This box is not available at any other retailer or online store and is certain to sell out, so reserve your copy today.

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