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An expanded 3-CD boxed set including the original album re-mastered, plus two extra discs packed with unreleased mixes, never-before-heard backing tracks, previously unreleased songs and more. Also includes a full-color booklet featuring an essay and liner notes by Monkees historian Andrew Sandoval and a bonus 7" complete with picture sleeve.

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By October 1969, things were radically different for The Monkees. Their NBC show had left prime time, Peter Tork had left the group, and Top 40 hits were no longer a sure thing. It was in this atmosphere that Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith exerted more creative control to record THE MONKEES PRESENT. The resulting album is one of the group's most varied, from the iconic single, "Listen To The Band," to Micky's anti-war anthem, "Mommy And Daddy," Davy's lush "French Song," and Michael's Nashville-tinged barn-burner, "Good Clean Fun."

Strictly limited to 5,000 individually numbered boxes, the newly re-mastered and expanded THE MONKEES PRESENT is the latest release in Rhino Handmade's lavish Monkees boxed sets. Packed with a whopping 85 tracks (60 previously unreleased!) over 3 CD's, Monkees historian and reissue producer Andrew Sandoval has raided the vault, pulling previously unheard songs, alternate versions and backing tracks from the original master tapes. THE MONKEES PRESENT also includes an exclusive bonus 7" vinyl single for "Good Clean Fun (Alternate Mix)" b/w "Mommy and Daddy (Mono Mix)" in a picture sleeve.

THE MONKEES PRESENT ships in late July, but is available now for pre-order exclusively at Monkees.com. This box is not available from any store or other online retailer and is sure to sell out, so reserve your copy now.


Track List:

1 Little Girl
2 Good Clean Fun
3 If I Knew
4 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
5 Never Tell A Woman Yes
6 Looking For The Good Times
7 Ladies Aid Society
8 Listen To The Band (fake stereo mix)
9 French Song
10 Mommy And Daddy
11 Oklahoma Backroom Dancer
12 Pillow Time
13 Time And Time Again (November 1969 stereo mix)
14 Down The Highway (November 1969 stereo mix)
15 Steam Engine (November 1969 stereo mix)
16 If You Have The Time (November 1969 stereo mix)
17 Angel Band (November 1969 stereo mix)
18 Rose Marie (November 1969 stereo mix)
19 I Never Thought It Peculiar (No strings & backing vocals - August 1969)
20 Of You (November 1969 stereo mix)
21 Kicking Stones (1969 mix)
22 If I Knew (Bill & Davy's stereo mix)
23 The Crippled Lion (November 1969 stereo mix)
24 My Storybook Of You (Tommy & Bobby's stereo mix)
25 Carlisle Wheeling (November 1969 stereo mix)
26 French Song (LP master with alternate ending - stereo)
27 Hollywood (stereo)
28 My Storybook Of You ("New" 1969 stereo mix)
29 Circle Sky ("New" 1969 stereo mix)
30 Kool Aid spot

1 The Monkees Present radio spot
2 If I Knew (TV Mix mono)
3 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (mono)
4 Looking For The Good Times (mono)
5 Ladies Aid Society (1969 mono mix)
6 Listen To The Band (single mix)
7 French Song (TV mix mono)
8 Mommy & Daddy (1969 mono mix)
9 Circle Sky (1969 "New" mono mix)
10 Penny Music (TV mix mono)
11 Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears (1969 mono mix)
12 Of You (1969 mono mix)
13 I Never Thought It Peculiar (1969 mono mix without overdubs)
14 Kicking Stones (1969 mono mix)
15 Listen To The Band (LP version true mono mix)
16 If You Have The Time (1969 mono mix without Moog)
17 Midnight Train (TV mix mono)
18 My Storybook Of You (mono)
19 Steam Engine (mono)
20 Time And Time Again (November 1969 mono mix)
21 Mommy & Daddy (7/1/69) stereo mix 3
22 I Never Thought It Peculiar (September 1969 mono mix with overdubs)
23 Bye Bye Baby Bye (July 1969 stereo mix)
24 If You Have The Time (1969 mono mix with Moog)
25 Mommy & Daddy (7/2/69) stereo mix
26 Time And Time Again (November 1969 alternate mono mix)
27 Monkees Greatest Hits radio spot

1 Little Girl (take 7)
2 Calico Girlfriend
3 If I Knew (take 11)
4 You're So Good (alternate mix)
5 Little Red Rider (alternate mix)
6 If You Have The Time (take 4)
7 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (take 12)
8 Listen To The Band (alternate stereo mix)
9 French Song (take 3)
10 Mommy And Daddy (May 13, 1969 stereo mix 9)
11 Thank You My Friend (backing track - take 4)
12 Pillow Time (Takes 8 & 9)
13 How Can I Tell You
14 Steam Engine (1969 rough stereo mix)
15 Time And Time Again (take 1)
16 Good Afternoon (take 14)
17 Opening Night
18 Lynn Harper (backing track - take 8)
19 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (take 18)
20 The Good Earth (alternate take)
21 London Bridge (backing track - take 4)
22 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (version three)
23 A Bus That Never Comes (backing track - take 9)
24 Omega (backing track - take 8)
25 13 Is Not Our Lucky Number (backing track)
26 Michigan Blackhawk (backing track - take 4)
27 Little Tommy Blues (backing track - take 5)
28 Till Then (backing track - take 2)

A Good Clean Fun (alternate mix with extra percussion)
B Mommy & Daddy (7/10/69) mono mix


Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Fantastic! Review by John_Gramaglia

This is the fourth deluxe box set Rhino has assembled and apparently the last one from the Monkees vaults. This was was well worth waiting for. The packaging is stellar with a really great booklet filled with never before seen pics of the guys as well as a comprehensive sessionography and notations of all the tracks included. The remastering of the original album sounds fantastic and all the bonus material sounds as if it was recorded yesterday. The third disc has early takes, alternate mixes and backing tracks that are well worth the cost of the box alone! I love all the Nesmith backing tracks he recorded for the album which leaves the listener longing for what the ill fated double album might have sounded like. To cap it all off there is a really cool 45 RPM included with reproduction artwork from the original Good Clean Fun b/w Mommy and Daddy single.
A must have for any Monkees fan!

(Posted on 8/21/13)

Supurb PRESENTation Review by Joe Russo

I have heard many an average Monkees fan state that beyond the 1968 HEAD soundtrack, their interest in the Monkees' music wanes considerably. I always considered PRESENT superior to INSTANT REPLAY, and listening to the many "superior-than-the-released" mixes and versions here, that opinion has been given a bold exclamation point!
I was especially thrilled with the MONO mixes of things.KICKING STONES (aka Teeny Tiny Gnome),I NEVER THOUGHT IT PECULIAR is far superior without the distrating overdubs and backing vocals. Davy's awesome alternate vocals on IF I KNEW, FRENCH SONG alternate mixes,single vocal track version of IF YOU HAVE THE TIME,etc.etc and etc. LOTS of awesome surprises that 90% sound better than ever.
The only misfires are an uneven, overwrought mix of the usually great STEAM ENGINE, and a lopsided mix of BYE BYE BABY BYE BYE (Ironicly two "preview" tracks designed to entice sales)
To me, this is the ultimate "1969"-era set and shows Micky, Mike and Davy at a creative peak. They were almost exclusively writing all their own songs solo at this time,. There is rarely more than ONE Monkee performing on any track at one time. It is really a series of solo Monkee performances assembled under the same roof.
Andrew Sandovals' excellent liner notes accurately describe the chaos and misfortune that surrounded the Monkees career at the time of the albums production. Nesmith recalls the record buying public was "dancing on their graves" at the time. Several months after the LP's release, Nesmith wrangled free of his Monkees commtiments and their final endeavor together was not making music but clowning in a series of silly KOOL AID print ads and commercials.
THE MONKEES PRESENT DeLuxe set is a glorious tribute to the talent and creativity the boys' later music that never ever received credit or recognition for.

(Posted on 8/17/13)

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